Eating Disorder specialist

At the age of sixteen (a few decades ago now!) I was given a diagnosis of an eating disorder and was admitted to hospital. At the time the support and treatment available was limited and what I was offered consisted of feeding me up. There was little or no focus on my mental state and how I was feeling did not get explored. Needless to say, when the focus of the treatment is based only on the body, the person is much more likely to return to old self-defeating behaviours. Later I was able to seek out help that did address my thoughts and feelings as well as my body and I reached a full recovery. Subsequently I went onto to train as a Psychotherapist, couples therapist, family therapist, EMDR Practitioner and Mindfulness Teacher. I have since worked with many people, of all ages, with different types of eating disorder. Although certain types of eating disorders display similar symptoms, each persons’ experience is unique and what works for one person might not work for another. Recovery from an eating disorder is possible so don’t delay get in touch to make an appointment for an initial consultation.

Eating Disorder – A guide to better understand

As a teenager Julie Jeffs suffered from an eating disorder, and discovered that focusing treatment only on the body risks a return to self-defeating patterns of behaviour. Treatment that also addresses thoughts and feelings and provides the right support can be far more effective in the journey onwards. In this short guide Julie aims to increase understanding of eating disorders and how to support those who suffer from them.

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