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Counselling or Psychotherapy

It is not unusual for people to ask what the difference is between counselling and psychotherapy. Usually people choose to have counselling because they are experiencing difficulties and distress in their lives Counselling is often time limited and focuses on the immediate or pressing problem. If you are struggling with a particular difficulty and would like to explore it, without enquiring too much into the root causes, counselling may support you.

Psychotherapy has a tendency to be longer term as it seeks to address the deeper issues that lie beneath the presenting difficulties and problems. Psychotherapy can help you understand how past experiences, often from childhood, affect your everyday life and the way you view yourself. This approach takes longer as building up a sense of trust and safety with the therapist needs time to develop. The longer term work involved in psychotherapy often leads to a deeper, more established relationship between client and therapist in which childhood traumas and deep seated issues, that are not easily talked about, can be worked through in a greater sense of safety.

Our services

Julie is highly skilled and experienced therapist, and works to a strict code of ethics. As a practitioner Julie has completed a high standard of professional training, and is fully insured, and appropriately registered with the U.K.C.P.

The benefits of professional psychotherapy are known to include stress reduction, stability in mood and general well-being, personal insight, greater clarity and self acceptance, inner fulfilment and relationships.

I aim to provide modern facilities and a compassionate approach to ensure your experience is supportive and therapeutic.

As you are visiting my website, it is possible that you or someone close to you is experiencing some form of difficulty.

Private counselling and psychotherapy can support individuals; couples and families gain perspective; work through areas of concern and make positive changes.

You may be struggling in your relationship and need support to talk through your concerns, with your partner, in a safe and supportive environment.

Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy can provide a safe place for couples to talk through their difficulties and have an opportunity to feel better understood by each other.

Eating Disorder Therapy can enable people to become more confident and learn ways to cope with difficult situations.

Eye Movement De-sensitisation and Re-processing (EMDR) is a powerful therapy designed to help people recover from traumatic events in their lives.

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